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Navi Mumbai, India

Company Profile

KV Fire is a specialized manufacturer of Fire Extinguishing Agents - Dry Powders and Foam Concentrates.

KV Fire undertakes firefighting system jobs from design, installation and commissioning related to Hydrants, Fire Alarms, Sprinklers, FirePro Aerosol, Tubing and Gas Detection.

Established in 1988 by Mr. Hiralal M. Sabadra, a Chemical Engineer, the founder, with four decades of vast experience in fire protection field.

He has represented the Technical Committee of Indian Standards and was responsible for drafting Indian Standards for the past 25 years.

He has been awarded with “Udyog Ratan Award” for his innovative and indigenous development in Fire Chemicals Technology.

He has been awarded with “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Institute of Fire Engineers and Fire Protection Association of India for his dedicated service in fire protection field for over 40 years.

In 1991, Mr. Rajesh H. Sabadra, his son was inducted in the company. A graduate in Production Engineering with M.B.A, he started career at the factory operational level and has rose to the position of Executive Director. He has widely traveled abroad, gained insight and experience.

He is a Professional in the field of Fire Protection Industry with an enriching cross functional experience of over 20 years, executing and directing various activities right from Research & Development, Planning, Procurement and Marketing.

He is on the board for setting standards for FM Global, Underwriters Laboratories(UL) and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

He is an active member of :

  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • National Safety Council (NSC)
  • Fire Protection Association of India (FPAI)
  • Fire Safety Association of India (FSAI)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Fire Fighting Foam Coalition (FFFC)