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Extinguisher is suitable for Class D fire risk including reactive metals like Li, Na, K, Mg, Al powders & paste, Ti, Fe and their alloys. It is also used for ammonium perchlorate and other such compounds. Class D Extinguisher can extinguish small oil fires and can also be used for electrical fires. This is an obvious choice in Heavy Water Plants, Ordnance Factory, Explosives, Nuclear Power Plants, Metallurgical Industries, Pharma & Chemical units handling molten metal or its dust.


  • Specially designed extinguishers to apply with gentle diffuser.
  • Pressure regulator valve to control the gas pressure.
  • Specially designed dome (diffuser) and extension pipe to achieve efficient gentle dispensing of powder from a safe distance.
  • CE Approved.
  • Dry Chemical Powder used is KV-LITE Class D powder /  KV-LITE TEC powder suitable for Class D (Metal) fires.


Available in following sizes :  

  • 5 & 10 Kg
  • Any other additional size as per customer requirement.