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Fatty Oils burn at relatively higher temp. Once they catch fire, extinguishment is very difficult due to

  • High heat load.
  • Splashing & spreading of oil on water/foam application.
  • Steam so formed, occupies very high volume compared to water, leading to explosion.

Features :

  • Approved by CE.
  • Stainless Steel, compatible with Class K Chemicals.
  • Chemicals discharged as fine mist to prevent grease splash and re-flash while cooling the appliances.
  • Unlike dry powder, the wet chemicals designed for easy clean-up.
  • Useful for all kitchen cooking appliances including solid fuel chartbroilers.
  • Filled with high quality Class K foam concentrates, manufactured in-house, under stringent quality test.
  • Specially designed nozzle tips to maximize the extinguishment capabilities.
  • Tamper-proof sticker, Bi-lingual Labels.

KV- LITE CLASS K is a specially formulated foam, for fatty oil fires in restaurants and hotels. It is an efficient fire-extinguishing agent for grease related fires, cooking appliances, deep fat fryers, broilers, hoods and duct works.

KV LITE CLASS K meets requirements of UL 300, NFPA 17 A and NFPA 96 standard.

Unique Features :

  • Reacts chemically with oil & forms a non-combustible layer on surface, thereby provides a very fast flame knock down & complete securement of grease related fires.
  • High reactivity of chemicals, reduces fire intensity of oil immediately.
  • No fuel pick-up.
  • Ease of post fire clean up.
  • Totally non-corrosive product.
  • Does not produce any hazardous by-products due to fire or reaction with burning oil.

Available in following sizes :

  • 6 & 9 kg.
  • Any other size as per Customer needs.