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Metal fires pose special problems to the fire fighting operations. Water or foam cannot be used as fire extinguishing agent because many metals react violently with water even at room temp. Ordinary dry chemical powders are not suitable for fighting metal fires.

KV – LITE CLASS-D is a metal salts based dry powder specially formulated for metal fires. It is treated with speciality chemicals to impart free flow and water repellency.

KV-LITE CLASS-D fuses at temp. of above 600 °C and has high latent heat of fusion. The powder melts by absorbing s heat from the burning metal. It then forms a layer on the metal surface which is strong and provides a blanketing effect. Oxygen supply & heat radiation are thereby cut off from the burning metal surface. Anionic radicals of powder react with the free radicals of metals responsible for the fire propagation, this results into retardation of fire propagation chain reaction.

KV-LITE CLASS -D is found suitable for all Class D fire risk including light metals like Li, Na, K, Mg , etc and their alloys. It may be used even for small oil fires.

Dry powder should be dispensed off gently on the burning surface at low pressure with the help of diffuser. High pressure may splash the burning metal and the fire may start at other place.

KV-LITE CLASS-D powder should be applied gently, through fire extinguisher or through an automatic powder dispensing systems. Dry powder can also be manually applied on the burning metal with the help of a scoop, a shovel or a plastic bag. Care should be taken to cover the surface completely without pinholes. The covered surface should be left undisturbed for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

We have developed extinguishers with pressure regulator valve to control the gas pressure and specially designed dome and extension pipe to achieve most efficient gentle dispensing of the dry powder from a safe distance. Wheeled extinguishers are designed to give easy maneuverability with minimum effort.

These extinguishers are available in different sizes and capacities.

Property Typical Values
Appearance Off-White powder
Apparent Density 0.98 – 1.02 gm/cc
Water Repellency < 3 %
Moisture Content < 0.5 %
Flowability > 50 gm/sec