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Dry chemical powders are important fire fighting agents as they are stable, free flowing and easy to handle. Various base materials are used to formulate dry chemical powders with single or multiple base. Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the important base in use since very long time. It is still very popular as it provides highly reliable, cost effective and userfriendly extinguishing medium.

Sodium Bi-carbonate base material is mixed with other ingredients to improve the flow characteristics and expelling properties.

Powder is siliconised to impart excellent water repellency.

KV-LITE SBC is suitable for all B & C class fires involving inflammable liquids like petrol, diesel, kerosene, oils, alcohols etc and gases.

KV-LITE SBC powder is suitable for use in all types of portable fire extinguishers, as well as for mobile extinguishers and fixed installations. Dry propelling agents such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be used.

Property Typical Values
Appearance White coloured free flowing powder
Apparent Density 0.55 – 0.7 gm/cc
Water Repellency < 1.5 %
Moisture Content < 0.25 %
Flowabilty > 50 gm/sec
Particle Size Distribution
Range (% Retained)
40 Mesh/0.425mm 0
100 Mesh/0.150mm 0 - 2
200 Mesh/0.075mm 0 - 10
325 Mesh/0.45mm 10 -35
Bottom pan 53 - 90