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KV-LITE PBC is a Potassium Bicarbonate based dry powder, a very effective extinguishing agent for high risk of Class B & C fires.

Flame propagation is due to the chain reaction of the free radicals. KV-LITE PBC decomposes in flame and interferes by reacting and absorbing the free radicals.

Potassium Bicarbonate base material is mixed with other ingredients to improve the flow, expelling properties and water repellency.


KV-LITE PBC is recommended for large B & C class fires in places like Refineries, Petrochemical Complexes, Oil & Gas Tank farms, Pipelines, Ports, Airports etc.

KV-LITE PBC is used in Portable & Wheeled Extinguishers, Mobile units, Dry Powder fixed system installations, Twin application systems where propellants used are nitrogen & CO².

Property Typical Values
Appearance White coloured free flowing powder
Apparent Density 1.00 - 1.15 gm/ml
Moisture Content < 0.25 %
Flowability > 50 gm/sec
Temperature Stability ± 60 ºC