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KV-LITE AR-AFFF is an environmental friendly C6 based foam concentrate containing Fluorinated Surfactants, Hydrocarbon Surfactants, Stabilizers and Polysaccharides, which forms a pseudo plastic film on the surface of the polar solvents. KV-LITE AR-AFFF forms a cohesive thin polymeric film at the interface between foam and the water soluble Polar solvents. This thin polysaccharide film protects the foam without destruction of aqueous film by polar solvents. The polymeric film has self-sealing characteristics whereby the film, if disturbed gets regenerated by itself. KV-LITE AR-AFFF forms an aqueous film like AFFF on the surface of hydrocarbon solvents.

AR-AFFF is also known as ARC (Alcohol Resistant Concentrate), ATC (Alcohol Type Concentrate), AGFFF (Aqueous Gel Film Forming Foam), MPF (Multipurpose Foam) and UF (Universal Foam).

It exhibits quick fire control and is ideal for prompt intervention for both Alcohols and Hydrocarbon fires.

  • KV-LITE AR-AFFF is available in 1x3%, 3 x 3% and 3 x 6% concentrate.
  • It can be used with fresh water as well as seawater.
  • It is also available in Low Temperature Freeze Protected type.
  • It is suitable for application with standard low expansion foam making equipments.
  • It is used in fixed water spray or sprinkler systems to give highly improved protection
  • An ideal choice as a rapid effective extinguishing agent for fighting fires particularly of high risk areas where Alcohol and Hydrocarbons are a major risk.
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Property 1x3% 3x3% 3x6%
Appearance Amber colour Amber colour Amber colour
pH @ 20 ºC 6.5 - 8.5 6.5 - 8.5 6.5 - 8.5
Sp. Gravity @ 20 ºC 1.00 to 1.05 1.00 to 1.03 1.00 to 1.03
*Lowest Use Temperature 0 ºC 0 ºC 0 ºC
Viscosity @ 20 ºC Non Newtonian fluid Non Newtonian fluid Non Newtonian fluid
Sediment Less than 0.1% Less than 0.1% Less than 0.1%
**Expansion Ratio
**Drainage (25 %)

* Also available in Freeze Protected Type
** Value depends equipment used and system parameters