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Oils & fats burn at relatively higher temp. Once they catch fire, extinguishment is very difficult due to

  • High heat load
  • Splashing & spreading of oil on water/foam application
  • Steam so formed, occupies very high volume compared to water, leading to explosion.


KV- LITE CLASS K is a specially formulated, ready to use extinguishant, for oil & fat fires. It is formulated with speciality organic salts, stabilizers & preservatives. The formulation gives very satisfactory performance at any temperature. It is an efficient fire-extinguishing agent for grease related fires, cooking appliances, deep fat fryers, broilers, hoods and duct works.


KV- LITE CLASS K can be used with specially designed portable extinguisher and compressed air foam systems. The performance depends on the type of application method.

KV- LITE CLASS K is a ready to use extinguishing agent and hence must not be diluted. It is to be used directly during charging of the system.

Appearance Clear Liquid
pH @ 20 ºC 9-11
Sp. Gravity @ 20 ºC 1.2 – 1.5
Freezing Point 0 ºC
Viscosity @ 20 ºC 10 Cst
Sediment 0.1%