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KV-LITE HEFL Concentrate 1-3 % is available with medium or high expansion ratios. It is formulated with speciality hydrocarbon surfactants, stabilizers, preservatives and solvents. The formulation gives very satisfactory performance even at low temperatures. It is an efficient fire-extinguishing agent where fast coverage is essential. KV-LITE HEFL is an ideal for engine rooms, aircraft hangers, tunnels, warehouses, enclosed users, for blanketing purpose. Due to its more air percentage and less water content in the foam bubble, the finished foam has very low electrical conductivity.

Concentrate fights fire in the following ways:

  • Fast spreading and coverage
  • High foam stability provides blanketing effect over a longer time thereby cools the fuel surface, suppresses combustible vapour release and reduces re-kindling risk.
  • Low surface tension gives superior wetting & penetrating properties to the foam concentrate. This reduces fire intensity & helps the extinguishant to penetrate the char red layer and control deep-seated fires.
  • Foam layer acts as on insulating barrier, thus reduces heat radiation.


  • KV-LITE HEFL can be used with fresh water or seawater.
  • It can be used with Medium and High Expansion Foam Equipments.
  • It can be used with aspirating discharge equipments and compressed air foam systems.
  • It is generally used at 1-3 % concentration.
  • When applied with compressed air foam system (CAFS), produces a very thick, low draining blanket.
Appearance Clear liquid
pH @ 20 ºC 7.5 - 8.5
Sp. Gravity @ 20 ºC 1.00 to 1.10
*Lowest Use Temperature 0 ºC
Viscosity @ 20 ºC ≤ 10 cSt
Sediment NIL
**Expansion Ratio >20 with Medium Expansion Foam Equipments and >200 with High Expansion Foam Equipments

* Also available in Freeze Protected Type
** Value depends on equipment used and system parameters