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KV-LITE ECO F3 - AR SFFF 3x3 is based on synthetic formulation comprises of speciality hydrocarbon surfactants, stabilizers, and preservatives to create a long-lasting vapour sealing blanket of foam which blocks the oxygen supply to the fuel & slow drainage retains the water content in the bubbles to cool the fuel surface reducing the evaporation, thus helping in providing an effective control and extinguishment on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires preventing re-ignition. On polar solvents, a polymeric membrane is formed, to effectively extinguish the said fires.

KV-LITE ECO F3 - AR SFFF 3X3 is a next generation foam concentrate used for multipurpose risk & totally free from fluorinated surfactants and fluorinated polymers (PFAS free). It is a 100% biodegradable product and giving maximum performance. This has been designed for extinguishing and securing Class B flammable liquid fires on Heptane, Acetone & IPA with both Potable & Sea water. It also effectively covers Class A risks.

KV-LITE ECO F3 - AR SFFF 3X3 can be used to produce foam for extinguishing both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. This new formulation provides superior flexibility, good fire-fighting performance, and environment friendly, balancing it with high performance and having a minimum environmental impact.

  • KV-LITE ECO F3 - AR SFFF 3X3 is a flexible firefighting agent used for securing all types of flammable liquids (Class B) & Class A fires.
  • It is intended for use as 3X3% for hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires with fresh, sea/salt or hard water.
  • It is an ideal fire extinguishing agent capable of extinguishing all types of fire risks which are stored, processed, or transported including polar solvents (like Isopropyl Alcohol, Ketones, Esters, Ethers, etc.). It is also used as a superior wetting agent in fighting class A fires like wood, paper, and tyres.
  • Due to its special surface-active agents, provides a very slow drain time which helps for effective cooling & stronger penetration of the product.
  • It cuts the oxygen supply; stopping its free combustion & helping to extinguish the fire effectively.
Appearance Light Yellow Viscous liquid
Specific Gravity 1.020 + 0.02
pH Value 8.00 + 1.00
Viscosity* 1400 + 300 cPs
Lowest used Temperature 1.7°C (35°F)
Freezing Point -2°C
Expansion Ratio ** 6:1 – 10:1
25 % Drainage time** > 45 min

* Spindle 4, rpm 60
** When tested with UNI 86 Test Nozzle